Pinjaman Peribadi Bank Malaysia: OCBC Progres-i

Introducing Progres-i  of the OCBC Al-Amin Cash Financing-i range.The ideal personal financing solution made for those who are just getting started. Whether it is one of life’s necessities or luxuries – be it education, car or gadgets; or perhaps you’ve hit one of life’s speed bumps, we will sort out your ideal plan. With varying tenures and monthly instalments as low as RM147, you get personal financing that is just right for you. All of which ensures that you get to stay ahead in life, as you build towards the future.Get the right start, and get ahead in life.

Financing AmountMonthly Payment3 Years5 Years7 YearsRM6,000RM242RM175RM147RM10,000RM403RM292RM245RM15,000RM605RM438RM367RM20,000RM806RM584RM489
Note: The chart above is for illustration purposes only.

To apply, you need to be:

Between 21 and 28 years of age.

A Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident earning at least gross monthly income of RM2,500.

A copy of I/C (front and back)
A copy of 1 month salary slip; OR 1 year EPF statement.

Follow this link: Pinjaman Peribadi Bank Malaysia: OCBC Progres-i

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