Pinjaman Gerenti Lulus: Personal Loans Bank Rakyat i-Aslah Mega …

Bank Rakyat personal loan package for 2012 experienced a slight improvement with a lower rate of profit (interest rate) bid. Now the range of the rate of profit is the bank personal loans ranging from 3.30% to 4.95% determined in accordance with the financing.Other loan conditions remain the same.Any inquiries can be made through the comment / email or smsto 012-278 4538*Offer limited and subject to the following conditions only:(1) Limited to applicants who are located at KL / Klang Valley only(2) Applicants must be employees of the company who is registered as a bank panel (please check with any of the nearest branch)(3) Application for new (first): minimum salary of RM2, 000 and 1 year of service or 6 months of service and have been confirmed(4) Application overlapping (overlapping): minimum salary of RM1, 500 *CCRIS / CTOS considered as follows:(1) Records of any current loan arrears (CCRIS) must not exceed 2 months (if more than two months must be paid before applying for the loan and the payment slip included with the application)(2) Any SAA account (the account under consideration) or CTOS must be paid from the loan approved (the applicant must obtain a letter “full settlement”)*Service Charges(1) There is no charge “upfront” is(2) Any service charge will be charged for arranging loans (loans payable after graduation) is subject to mutual agreement.To apply please sms information: name> company> Agency Contact Us: 012-712 3442 (man)




Pembiayaan Peribadi-i Aslah MEGAmenawarkan kadar keuntungan serendah 3.25%.

Pembiayaan Peribadi-i Aslah PLUS menawarkan kadar yang lebih menarik dan menjimatkan untuk pembiayaan jangka masa panjang.

Jika anda kakitangan KERAJAAN dan bercadang menjelaskan pembiayaan di Bank atau Institusi Kewangan lain dan memerlukan tunai dengan segera sehingga RM200,000, Pembiayaan Peribadi-i Aslah PRIMA adalah pilihan yang paling tepat.


Dikecualikan dari Perlindungan Takaful (DTT)

Dikehendaki mengambil Takaful (DTT)
Kakitangan Kerajaan Sahaja
Pembiayaan berulang (overlap) kemudahan pembiayaan peribadi di institusi kewangan lain
Dikehendaki mengambil Takaful (DTT)

Permohonan Baru / Overlap

e-Submission fax @ Email 
Borang Permohonan
2 – Salinan Kad Pengenalan (MyKad) -disahkan majikan
2 – Salinan penyata gaji 3 bulan terakhir – disahkan majikan
Surat pengesahan oleh majikan
Surat PGM (swasta) / BPA (Gov)
Penyata bank pembayar gaji
Bil Utiliti ( Air / Astro)
Borang Permohonan
Salinan Kad Pengenalan (MyKad)
Salinan penyata gaji terkini
Surat pengesahan Jawatan
Surat PGM ( Swasta Only)

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