Pinjaman Peribadi Al-Rajhi Bank utk Swasta | Kadar Faedah 4.95 …

Pinjaman Peribadi Al-Rajhi Bank utk Swasta | Kadar Faedah 4.95% sethn.

Thinking of buying expensive equipment for your home or perhaps investing in that grandpiano you’ve been eyeing? Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i helps you afford your desired merchandise. With a high trade limit of up to 26 times your monthly salary or RM150,000 (whichever is lower), you may purchase the item from the bank on a deferred payment basis, and settle your balance in full anytime you can afford it. Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i will even come to your home or office to process your financing applications for you. No documentation hassles. Just what you need when you want it.

2-3 years: 3.25%
4-5 years: 4.25%
6-10 years: 4.75%
11-15 years: 4.95%

Minimum Basic Salary: RM2,000
Financing Amount:  RM2,000 – RM150,000 (Maximum)
Financing Limit:  26 times salary or customers eligibility & entitlement whichever is lower
Financing Tenure:  2-15 years
Employment Status: Permanent
Employment Length: Minimum 1 year
Processing Fee: Waived
Instalment Payment: Direct salary deduction from company’s HR
Nationality:  Malaysia residents with a local residential & local correspondence address
Age:  Min: 21 years old based on year of birth and Max: 55 years old or up to retirement age
CCRIS/CTOS below RM20,000 may apply BUT MUST BE SETTLE.

Transfer Of Ownership : Max RM15 or 0.015 cents PER RM1,000
Stamp Duty: Min RM10 or 0.5% whichever is higher
Takaful: Takaful Coverage

Application Form – Employee to complete application form & submit to ARBM Sales Representatives
2 copies of NRIC – (both side) with original sighted by ABRM representative
Salary Slip – most recent salary slip duly endorsed by Company’s Human Resources (HR)
Employment Confirmation – Confirmation from HR on employee’s salary & employment status via HR confirmation letter
Letter of Authorization – Authorization from Employee to ARBM & Company’s HR to allow Employer to deduct Employee’s monthly salary for installment payment
Additional Documents:
Irrevocable instructions
Letter of Acknowledgement & consent
Staff Confirmation

Any Employer interested to be a panel Al-rajhi bank to provide this package for company staff can contact us for registration.
Main condition was company have personnel exceeding 100 permanent employees with minimum salary RM2,000 per month.

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