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Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah (pinjaman peribadi Bank Rakyat i-Aslah) is one of the top islamic personal financing facilities offered by Bank Rakyat.
Bank Rakyat offers various type of financing facilites under the i-Aslah :
Personal Financing-i Aslah Awam
Personal Financing-i Aslah Swasta
Personal Financing-i Aslah Senior Citizen
Product Characteristics
Malaysian citizens
Aged not less than 18 years old
Government Servant or Government Liaised Companies (GLC)
Minimum Monthly income at RM1, 000 for Government Servant and RM2,000 for private
In service for six (6) months and above
Total Financing
Financing Duration
Repayment terms are between one and ten years.
Repayment Methods
Angkasa Service Bureau
Employer payroll deduction
Savings account deduction
Required Documents
The documents required for Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah is as follows :
Photocopy of Identification Card
Certification of employer
Latest Payment Slip for three (3) months
Employee Provident Fund Statement with continuous contribution transaction for a minimum of six (6) months
Income Tax Statement (BE Form) for applicants that have been in service for one (1) year and above
Personal Financing i-Aslah Profit Rate
Please ask the sales person or read in the products disclosure sheet on the Effective Annual Profit Rate. Read here to understand about Effective Annual Profit Rate.
Personal Financing i-Aslah Repayment Table (Jadual Pembayaran Pembiayaan Peribadi i-Aslah Bank Rakyat) 2013
Jadual Pembayaran Pembiayaan Peribadi Aslah Awam
Please click HERE.
Jadual Pembayaran Pembiayaan Peribadi Aslah Swasta

How much does an Bank Rakyat’s Personal Financing i-Aslah cost?
This Personal Financing-i product has no processing fees and there are no hidden charges. You will need to pay Government Stamp Duty that amounts to 0.50% of the amount you borrow.
Apply Bank Rakyat Personal Financing i-Aslah Online
If you are interested to apply Bank Rakyat Personal Financing (loan) i-Aslah, you can do it online at Bank Rakyat portal HERE.
Personal Loan/Personal Financing CalculatorPlease use the loan calculator to check on the monthly repayment.
Personal Loan/ Personal Financing Details :Name : Bank RakyatWebsite :
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